“Art, science and craft infused activities for curious minds.”

Engineering Super Cool STEM Content is what we do

Artronix are producers of vocational hands on STEM workshops. We bring fresh funky workshops to your schools, community centres and venues, introducing young people to fun things like playing with Arduinos and microprocessors to build programmable robots and wacky techno-gadgets.

Some of the tools we use:Image Image

Participants experiment with programming Lego Mindstorms robots and send them on ‘dangerous’ missions.

We help them hack & tinker with junk to make incredible kinetic art sculpture. We are always inventing new art, craft and science based activities to feed curious minds. So why not explore:

Introducing fun activities like working with robots, making mechanical gadget machines, getting into programming, embedding digital and analogue electronics, 3D printing, replicating historical science experiments.

We mix it all up with activities like puppetry, music and sound generation, up-cycling art, space and astronomy, wearable technology, game play based CAD learning and animation-film-making.

Working with: councils, housing associations, third sector organisations to deliver STEM DIY initiatives tailored to engage underserved and special needs groups.
Assisting: local communities to start and grow their own informal DIY maker activities.
Producers and facilitators of a unique range of exciting STEM educational content.
Local workshops, events and even science themed parties that help marginalised young people acquire skills for employment and an appetite for enterprise.