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PIMP MY BIKE: The Community Bike Hack With Street Cred

The Pimp my bike workshop can itself be modified to fit your needs. It can be a small, short 90 minute class focusing on one activity, for example, making 'persistence of vision' electronic light effects or it can be an all day drop in workshop offering a selection of activities.


Electronic circuit bending, modifying lights and sirens. Using microprocessors and devices like the Arduino to make intelligent high vis’ LED displays and bike computers. Using reflective and fluorescent tapes and paints to enhance visibility. Conducting bike safety inspections ensuring tyres, brakes etc. are in good working order.



engineering soldering electronics circuit design programming microcontrollers graphic design fundamental design principles


hand eye coordination and dexterity fine motor control kinaesthetic learning working with materials practical mechanics customisation modification reverse engineering learning through doing


team work and helping others effective contributor successful learner intergenerational learning community cohesiveness perseverance and self-belief resilience problem solving strategies responsible citizen cooperation inspiring enthusiasm collaborative learning challenge creativity and self-confidence
Our workshops are complete and mobile. We can bring all the equipment and materials required to your organisation or community space.

Acquire the engineering and electronics know how to convert your ride into a safe mean sci-fi silver machine.

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