“Art, science and craft infused activities for curious minds.”

THE ART OF UPCYCLING It's a junk art mash up and so much more.

This is our signature "STEAM" class. All our workshops revolve around STEM, the teaching of concepts and practical skills involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths but we offer more than that. In this workshop Art is the key that unlocks the true creative potential of these disciplines.


We begin with a pile of junk. Found, broken or no longer wanted items are disassembled, de-constructed and dissected. But from this destruction, creativity and learning grows. We analyse the life-cycle of materials and objects and figure out whether they have been designed to be disposable, recyclable or made to last. Then we build... Depending on time, budget, venue and the abilities of the participants, we draw on and incorporate elements from all of our other workshops. At the very least we'll incorporate loads of flashing LEDs but we may include embedded technology, some robotic elements, some simple circuits and noise makers, AIDC, OCR and RFID devices (bar codes, Qr-codes, Radio Frequency ID tags, etc.) or even bicycle parts. We mash it all up to create stunning works of art, collage and interactive kinetic sculpture.

Image It was a toy car and a fan. Now it flies and has fur!


soldering electronics engineering circuit design programming microcontrollers graphic design sculpture model making fine motor skills craft skills fundamental design principles


positive risk challenge kinaesthetic learning hand eye coordination dexterity problem solving strategies working with materials practical mechanics customisation modification reverse engineering learning through doing experimentation


effective contributor succesful learner responsible citizen resilience team work and helping others intergenerational learning community cohesiveness commitment perseverance self-belief inspiring enthusiasm emotional literacy the spirit of friendly competition creativity self-confidence cooperative and collaborative learning
Our workshops are complete and mobile. We can bring all the equipment and materials required to your organisation or community space.

Join us as we crack open the box to see how it all works, then let your creativity and engineering abilities blossom into beautiful and astonishing works of art.

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