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3D PRINT YOUR MINECRAFT MODELS: From play to production.

Minecraft, the phenomenally popular building block game, is a dream for any budding architect, but its educational potential does not end there... It offers stealth training in Computer Aided Design (CAD), logic, electronics and programming. There is even a version of the game designed specifically to teach Maths, Science, History and many other subjects within an environment that will keep students engaged and completely engrossed.


In our 3D Printing workshop we show our crafters how to extract objects from Minecraft code and export it into CAD tools like blender and tinkercad. We can manipulate and modify these items and then 3D Print them before your very eyes! Be it cabin, castle or coffee cup, the power of CAD is best revealed when you experience the thrill of designing, building and finally making an object REAL!

Image Build it. Export it. Print it.


programming graphic design sculpture engineering model making fundamental design principles CAD skills mathematics


prototyping problem solving strategies learn by trial and error analysis and evaluation kinaesthetic learning learning through doing experimentation


team work and helping others challenge commitment perseverance and self-belief effective contributor resilience cooperation successful learner inspiring enthusiasm collaborative learning creativity and self-confidence

Our workshops are complete and mobile.

We can bring all the equipment and materials required to your organisation or community space.

"you punch the trees to get the wood, you get the wood to build a cabin".

Corey Lanskin of South Park, Colorado explains Minecraft to adults.

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