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THE FUTURE IS ROBOTICS: Making machines that react and interact with man.

Beneath the easy, friendly user experience offered by Lego Mindstorms there lies a very sophisticated programming language based on LabView, standard coding language used in the robotics industry. In our robotics classes we offer a fun introduction into this exciting world. Explore how robotic machines are designed, built and programmed to carry out different tasks. We also offer robotics classes based on Arduino and other microprocessor platforms where advanced students can embark on more ambitious projects, experimenting in electronics and robot engineering from scratch.


We will take on a mission. We identify a problem and imagine how we could use technology to solve or alleviate it. With the tools we have, be it Mindstorms or some other collection of components, we work together to design, construct and programme an awesome robot machine. How well will our robot perform it's task?

Image Brick by brick we build.


problem solving fine motor skills engineering electronics circuit design programming microcontrollers fundamental design principles fundamental scientific principles mathematics


challenge hand eye coordination dexterity practical mechanics kinaesthetic learning customisation modification learn by trial and error analysis and evaluation learning through doing Iterative design exploration forming and testing ideas experimentation


effective contributor successful learner resilience team work helping others cooperative learning collaborative learning community cohesiveness commitment perseverance and self-belief inspiring enthusiasm the spirit of friendly competition creativity self-confidence
Our workshops are complete and mobile. We can bring all the equipment and materials required to your organisation or community space.

Will your robot go on a raging rampage or be a roaring success?

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