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3D Printing in Space with NASA,
designing a STEM competition challenge for disengaged young people.

CLIENT: Prince’s Trust, NASA, Strathclyde University
PROJECT: Reach for the STARS
DURATION: 2 months

Prince's Trust XL clubs provide a personal development programme for young people aged 13 – 19. Artronix were tasked with creating an engaging program that would enable teams of young people to use product design principles to turn their ideas into a 3D printed objects that would be useful for astronauts living in the International Space Station.

We designed an activity pack that guided participants through the various elements of the competition. We ran workshops at the schools to brainstorm ideas, to allow people to get hands on with 3D printing and generating concepts and turning them in to CAD to collaboratively produce the final presentation.
Image Concept


Experience in 3D printing, 3D scanning of objects to create CAD renderings, practical art & design, kinaesthetic learning, modelling and technical drawing.


Investigating and identifying a need, problem solving strategies, formulating solutions, sketching ideas, mocking up models, evaluating practicality and effectives of the proposed solution, selection and refinement.


Team work, challenge, courage and confidence building, perseverance, resilience, time management, focus and attention, successful learner, confident individual, effective contributor, responsible citizen, cooperative and collaborative learning

Insight & Reflection

We were thrilled to see how quickly the young people were able to come up with great solutions to the problems astronauts face. It was encouraging to see how quickly the Woodhead School team realised the entrepreneurial possibilities that 3D printing offer. They were soon discussing amongst themselves what they could design to sell on shapeways.com, an online 3d printing market place, thinking about business ideas.
Image Scanning


“I would like to congratulate all the young people who took part in our REACH FOR THE STARS challenge. The thought and effort that these young people have put into thier products is clear and the standard of work is phenimenal.”

Alan Watt, director of Prince's Trust Scotland.

“The Faculty of Engineering is delighted to have been involved in helping to deliver the Reach for the Stars Challenge along with the Prince’s Trust. The opportunity to open up the world of engineering to a wider audience, and to showcase the breadth of engineering applications, disciplines and the career options to young people, is a key part of the Faculty’s commitment to growing Engineering outreach and supporting the University’s Widening Access policy."

Professor Scott MacGregor, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

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