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Workshop duration is usually around one to two hours. You can book them individually or they can form part of an on-going varied program.
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Pimp My Bike

Want to bling your bike and be the coolest kids on the block?

Join the bike hack, we've got LED's, microprocessor, fluorescent paint and everything you need to stamp your style on your ride. Retrofit your bike with cool techno gadgets that will get you seen and heard like never before.

Suitable for all ages.
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3D Print with Minecraft

Do you love building cool structures in your Minecraft world?

Imagine if you could turn your creations into REAL 3D objects! Wow your mates with a super cool 3D printed model and unleash the real craftsman within you.

Families 5+ Teens 12+
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The Art of Upcycling

Want to turn junk into works of art?

So many products are not designed to last, so we just chuck em’ in the bin! What if we take apart unwanted techno-scrap, have a poke around inside, then re-purpose and rebuild the bits n’ bobs and metamorphose them into artifacts of desire. Express your style in sculpture and collage.

Families 5+ Teens 12+ Adults 16+
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Fancy makin’ a wee army of brush bot critters?

Start on your path to world domination by constructing these cute tiny robotic creatures. Its an art and engineering mini challenge. Race ‘em, fight ‘em, get ‘em to draw pictures and don’t forget the googly eyes, cos personality goes a long way!

Families 5+ Teens 12+ Adults 16+
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The Music Bash

Fancy letting your imagination run wild in this brilliant circuit hacking workshop?

Create electronic musical instruments out of junk. Build a banana piano or a giant floor keyboard to stomp on. Make some noise, be an up-cycling super rock star.

Families 5+ Teens 12+ Adults 16+
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The Future is Robotics

Have you got what it takes to tackle a MINDSTORMS mission?

A new era of robotics beckons. Learn mechanical design, construction, programming & teamwork skills using LEGO Mindstorms motors & sensors. Build robots & program them to move, react & make sounds to solve crazy challenges.

Families 8+ Teens 12+ Adults 16+
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Stop Motion Mania

Direct your own epic mini movie?

Are you going to create a comedy, a tragedy or an action adventure movie? Write a script, create story boards, record sounds and voice overs. Make your ‘film stars’ and animate them into life. Who knows, you could be the next Nick Park or Spielberg!

Families 6+